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One day five years ago, on a Mexican beach, three friends were relaxing and catching up over margaritas. One of them mentioned her dream of making amazing pajamas – the likes of which had never been seen before. They would be soft, stylish, never frumpy. The three besties would start a business, they would make them together, they would change the world. Three years later, Pyjama was born.

We did our research, we asked all our people...Where do you find GREAT pajamas??

We heard: 
“I don’t”

“I wear a tank and shorts”

“I wear my husband’s boxers”

We couldn’t find them. They didn't exist. We found a lot of plaid, elastic, cute sayings and itchy lace. We had found a market with a big, gaping hole in it. You can either buy lingerie  - which no one wants to wear everyday; or something with writing on your bum, which at our age is never a good thing.

Where were the stylish pajamas for sophisticated, chic women who wanted to look good and be comfortable? Where were the pieces you could wear for a quick trip to the market, to drop your kids at school or for a poolside pina colada?? 

We knew that to make these perfect pj's, it meant we had to source the softest fabric, develop the richest colors, most unique designs & work with the best factory; so off we went to India on the adventure of our lives. 

In Pyjama, you will find the loungewear of our dreams: sophisticated, flattering, soft (so, so soft), pretty, comfy, chic, sexy (but not too sexy)! Pajamas we can serve our in-laws breakfast in, pajamas our husbands do not mistake for sweatpants. 

We are three moms with 10 kids between us. Life is crazy busy. We work hard & play hard. We all deserve to lounge well, sleep well and feel beautiful at the same time. It is time to treat yourself to better sleep & a better life. We hope you will love them as much as we do.

Sweet dreams,
Mo, Missy & Aimee