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What's special about Pyjama?

Each piece in our collections are handcrafted in India using Block Print design. Block Printing dates to the 12th century and is a specialized art form that has been passed down over the generations by villagers in India. It is a vanishing art, that in our small way, we keep alive and at the forefront of fashion. Patterns are hand pressed using intricately carved wood blocks and earthy dyes. We use only the finest Indian cotton and silk. This individualized craftsmanship allows for beautifully designed, hand-kissed Pyjamas. You can see a video of this process HERE.


Not your Mama's PJ's..

We often hear from our customers "These are so cute... I'd wear them out!"  Go for it! Rock yo' Pyjamas in the car line, at the market, to yoga, poolside.. we do! And please send us some pix, we love them! Feel free to tag us on Instagram @pyjamawallahs. Sleep leisure-wear is the all the rage, have fun with it! 



How do I care for my Pyjamas?

We recommend hand washing, but a little birdie told us that machine washing on cold, delicate cycle is terrific as well! Please hang dry. Please do not bleach. Variations are part of the beauty; you can expect our Pyjamas to fade warmly over time. Our items are pre-shrunk, so if you are hang drying you will not see our items shrink. 


Do you offer gift wrap?

Our Pyjamas come beautifully packaged in linen bags that can then be reused as you see fit. 


Do you have sample sales?

Pyjama parties are popping up all over the country! Please keep an eye on our website, Instagram & Facebook accounts for locations near you.

Would you like host a Pyjama party? We'd love to hear from you at or reach out to one of the below.



Pyjama's Privacy Policy: 

Pyjama only collects the information we need to fulfill an order. We will not sell or loan your information to a third party. When joining our mailing list we will only send you notifications of new products or special offers we are having.


What if the item I want is out of stock?

Each Pyjama line is created by hand, in India. Unfortunately, once an item is sold out, we do not have a way to quickly re-order. But do not worry, the next Pyjama line is always just around the corner! We will try and remove sold out items right away from our site. Please do contact us at and we will do our best to find that perfect Pyjama piece for you. 


How Will I Know When My Order Has Shipped?

You will receive an email when your Pyjamas are on their way! The email will include all your order information and shipping provider tracking number.


How Will I Know When My Return or Exchange Has Been Processed?

You will receive an email from Customer Service once your return or exchange has been processed. In the event of a refund, please allow up to 2 weeks for this to post, depending on your credit card company. 


How do I contact Customer Service?

Please email us at We will reply within 24 hours!
Please click here to view our Return/Exchange Policies.