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I’ve always been a champion napper. So it is not surprising that I find myself today as Co-Founder of PYJAMA. I didn’t plan on launching a pajama brand but, as with most women run companies, I wanted to fix a problem. When my kids were small, we would spend summers in India and my friends would beg me for the pj’s I found there. After years of hearing this I realized there was a need – women wanted chic comfortable pajamas but couldn’t find them in the U.S. So, along with two partners, I founded a line of pajamas: ethically sourced from India, made with the finest soft cotton and block printed with our own designs. The word pajama comes from the Urdu word pyjama meaning clothing (jama) for your legs (py).

We are especially proud to support the block print industry, an ancient art that has been around since the 18th century, passed from generation to generation. Sadly, it is a dying art as the younger generations are simply not interested. At PYJAMA we are happy to support the art which in turn helps to sustain the block print communities and continues this age old tradition. We feel hopeful that in a small way we are supporting this great art, giving it a wider audience while helping women get a better night’s sleep.

*Mo has lived in Manhattan with her husband and three kids for the past 25 years. She finds the city an inspiration and never tires of its many museums and restaurants and cultural opportunities. It is also the one place in the United States that reminds her of her second home - India. In her spare time she travels whenever and wherever she can (50 countries and counting!), baking, yoga, BBC and sleeping. She is a certified meditation teacher and enjoys offering her services to at risk teens at centers around the city.

“I feel fortunate that I have been able to combine so many loves in my life in this venture – India, design, art and being a lady boss!”

Mo Shome
Founder and Head of Creative


When my two fabulous friends, Mo and Aimee, called and said “It’s time, we’re going to India,” I replied, “You are not going without me!” Then I hesitated and thought, ‘I have five kids, how am I going to swing this??’ However, I knew this was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. So off we went to India, determined to succeed in the brave new world of fashion & design. Pyjama is not simply a business, it’s a perfect combination of all the things I love; art, adventure, travel, fashion; with the added benefit of giving back to the people that create the product I love. How lucky I am to be embarking on this endeavor with two best friends, that I have known for over 25 years!?

My wanderlust has taken me all over the world for school, work and personal pleasure. During my successful sales career with Thomson Financial and Baseline Financial (Boston, Hong Kong, NYC, San Francisco), I most enjoyed the time spent in Asia. It was during those years, that I first traveled to India. Being the risk taker I am, I decided to drop all routine and backpack across the world for a year in between financial jobs. My ultimate happy place is a combination of travel and family. In my free time you’ll find me on the beach, here in sunny southern California, with my wonderful family; my husband Chris, our five kids and our lovable Labradoodle, Teddi. My family is proud of my enthusiasm in my new business. I am thrilled to be introducing Pyjama to the world.

Missy Tresse


For as long as I can remember, I've been told I could sell ice to an eskimo. I may be a salesperson to the core, but I prefer to look at "sales" as a transfer of my enthusiasm for something I love, to those I love. I am a connector & collector of good things and good people. I began my career in New York City in financial sales. I have been blessed to work for some amazing companies; Thomson Financial, S&P Capital IQ and Oracle Corporation among them.  

With two young children and a longing to build something of my own, I decided to step out of that harried world to make room for the next big thing. Pyjama is that thing. What started with a two week trip to India with my two gal pals has bloomed into a business that I love. We have created a new category in Sleep Leisure. When I come home after a long day and put on my pretty Pyjama's, I know we're offering women an option they didn't have, and I love that. It doesn't hurt that I am an Olympic-caliber sleeper. I am married to a wonderful man, contemporary painter Will Day. We live in beautiful Boulder, CO with our two awesome kids and beloved Boston terrier Pablo Picasso.


Aimee Day