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"Dearest Pyjama Wallahs,

While I have often thought that some of your items are sartorial enough to be worn beyond the boudoir, I myself have never been bold enough to do so.

It seems, however, that as warmer weather approaches, I am soon to be alone in my hesitation. While I impatiently waited to board my flight at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport last Monday, I noticed that a fellow traveler had dared to wear one of your items beyond the realm of the bedroom and in fact, fashioned her outfit into a sensible travel ensemble; pairing her blue & white printed pantaloons with a light-faded jean jacket and nude suede espadrilles for a look that was both functional and fantastically en trend. (The fact that this raven-haired beauty made the poor decision to cut in front of me is a side note and one that, incidentally, did not turn out well for her.)

In any regard, looking forward to the fresh whisper-weight items in your new spring /summer collection! "

Mvr Noordam


"I attended a part at my friend, Aimee Day's house. I bought two pairs of pants and a shirt. I absolutely love these pj's! I wear them every night and wish I could live in them. As promised, they get better and better the more I wash and wear them. Thank you ladies for your amazing products!!!"

Dana Schneider Bickham